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The Polarisation Of The Classes

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Even a casual glance at the world news tends to vindicate Marxism’s concept that class polarisation is becoming much more visibly apparent.  One need only examine the near obliteration of the American middle-classes as a prime example of this class polarisation where the populace is increasingly divided between the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat.  Neo-liberalism confirms Marxism’s critique of Capitalism that  not only is it a social and economic system but also a political ideology.  It is of course part of the ABC of Marxism that:

“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles“.

 As a less than serious aside, it is a pity that more  of the ‘end of days’ millenarian groups, cults and movements did not adopt Marxism, as it would be a more concrete ideology to base their belief systems on!


In real terms when we see the Western super powers led by the prime Capitalist bandit,  the USA, gearing up for a war on Syria, it is only those of less than sound mind who believe that the highly possible conflict is about ‘exporting democracy’ rather than the Leninist concept of imperialism, where the country’s means of production are to be seized by an oil hungry cabal of Capitalist brigands.  In fact ‘imposing democracy’ has become a code word and less aggressive way of describing imperialism.

Destruction of Communities

Capitalism by it’s dynamic and polarisation of classes has largely destroyed what were once communities.  How many times have we heard people, especially city dwellers and economic commuters describe their isolation.  In many areas of our cities inhabitants do not even know their neighbour’s name, despite the fact that they may very well live within a few feet of concrete or brick of each other?  Capitalism and the pursuit of profit does not need communities, they are superfluous to it’s needs.

The Death Of Thatcher

The timely death of the old Finchley Tyrant was a prime and recent example of Marx (and arguably Weber’s) polarisation of the classes.  There was literally no middle ground on the death of Europe’s most rabidly right-wing former Prime Minister.  Those who venerated the milk snatcher and attended her over the top de facto state funeral were unanimously from the Bourgeoisie or the landed elites.  Likewise, the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh working-class celebrated  a holiday in their hearts, demonstrated against the massive waste of millions of pounds on the funeral and held parties celebrating her death.  A more prime example of the polarisation of the  classes would have been hard to find in Western Europe.

Of course Marx’s polarisation of the classes is an historical process and it would be premature to claim that we have fully arrived at that position.  However, with so-called ‘austerity’ offensives taking it’s tole on the waged and unwaged proletariat, it would be seriously short-sighted to not see the polarisation of the classes becoming more and more pronounced.

Alex McGuigan
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