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IRSP Press Release Exposes MI5/PSNI Smear Campaign!

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Irish Republican Socialist Party
Costello House
392b Falls Road
BT12 6DH

Date: 22/02/2017
=========PRESS RELEASE==========

The Irish Republican Socialist Party releases this statement to refute allegations made in the media beginning yesterday (21/02/2017) following the alleged discovery of explosives and ammunitions in the Conway Street area of the Falls Road.

This incident is not related to the Irish National Liberation Army. We state this standing firmly on the basis of the Republican Socialist Movement’s statement released in Bray in 2009 which stated the following;

“The RSM has been informed by the INLA that following a process of serious debate, consultation and analysis, it has concluded that the armed struggle is over and the objective of a 32 County Socialist Republic will be best achieved through exclusively peaceful political struggle.”

The Irish Republican Socialist Party stands by the above quote and has not been informed of any change in position from the Irish National Liberation Army.

Sinister media speculation of internal conflict within the Republican Socialist Movement is of no substance and is a dangerous but futile attempt to create the perception that we are divided.

The Republican Socialist Movement is united on a political path in pursuit of our objectives.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party is entirely satisfied that there is no conflict within the INLA. The state arms of the press and the security forces are collaborating to advance a politically motivated campaign against the Republican Socialist Movement.

This has manifested itself in Arrests, Violent House Raids, the targeting of IRSP members for harassment and character assassinations via numerous newspaper outlets. The events of the past number of days are nothing other than a continuation of this campaign.


The Plough and The Stars Editorial Comment

The IRSP’s press release reproduced above in a measured, concise manner pours cold water on the recent inflamatory scaremongering ‘story’ emanating from the MI5 controlled PSNI Media Department that mainstream news sources replicated almost verbatim without the least attempt at any serious analysis.  Perhaps the only truth contained in the MI5/PSNI’s latest sponsored narrative is the admission that they have been engaged in a very specific targeted campaign of vilification and harassment of Irish Republican Socialists.  There will be little doubt that the PSNI’s campaign of harassment will continue however it would be folly to believe that it will dent the resolve of the IRSP to challenge injustice, imperialism and current attempts to marginalise the Irish working class.

PSNI Are Playing With Fire

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RSP Lower Falls Representative Michael Kelly is claiming that British Security forces risk bringing serious conflict onto the streets, following a number of high profile armed operations against its members in the city.

Over the past weeks and months, the IRSP have noted with increasing concern sustained assaults directed by the British security forces via the PSNI against its members, supporters and activists.


Vicious and aggressive ‘stop and search’ operations against members on the roadside have been complimented by targeted and destructive house raids and arrests conducted by Balaclava-clad and heavily armed men who only this morning stormed with machine guns the family home of republican ex-prisoner and IRSP Ard Comhairle member Sean Carlin, dragging him from his bed as his frightened young children looked on. 

Some weeks ago the IRSP noted with real concern the comments of Stormont first minister Arlene Foster when she insinuated that republicans not belonging to state approved political parties here were facing a ‘fork in the road’ moment. If the recent targeted harassment of IRSP members represents this fork in the road, then the party fears that the political landscape may be facing a crisis unprecedented in decades.


Michael Kelly continued by saying… “The Irish Republican Socialist Party has been in existence for over forty years, in that time we have never tolerated attacks on our membership from any quarter”. “This remains our principled position today; the British state and the PSNI are playing with fire”.

End of Statement.


Source: IRSP News

IRSP to host “Eyewitness from Syria” YPG & PKK event. (Source: IRSP NEWS)

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EYEWITNESS FROM SYRIA. Mother of fallen YPG fighter, along with a visitor to the PKK stronghold in the Qandil Mountains  will speak on the fight against ISIS and the liberated areas of Rojava.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party will be hosting an information evening with the intention of raising public awareness of the plight of the Kurdish people and their ongoing struggle against ISIS terror, and efforts to create a just society within the liberated zones of Rojava.

‘Viki Konstandinos’ is the mother of YPG Volunteer Konstandinos Scurfield, a 25 year old native of Barnsley in Yorkshire who was killed in action in March of this year, defending the Kurdish frontline village area of Tek Khuzela, Syria.

A former Royal Marine Commando, Konstandinos or ‘Kosta’ is described by his mother, foremost as a humanitarian, who became increasingly politicised while hearing of the plight of the besieged Kurdish people. He drew natural comparisons between the YPG (Kurdish Protection Units) and the European Anti-Nazi partisans of the 1940s and having resigned from the British army, he initially worked providing Humanitarian and medical aid to struggling Kurdish freedom fighters inevitably being moved to action in late 2014 becoming a fighter with the ‘Lions of Rojava’ foreign YPG battalion.

By all accounts Kosta earned an exemplary military record displaying extraordinary commitment and bravery in combat, praised as a hero and a martyr by his comrades in the YPG, he was brought down by RPG fire during a ferocious battle with the so called ‘Islamic State’ while on the offensive against ISIS occupied positions around Til Hamis town in Hasakah province.

Since his death, Kosta’s mother Viki, has toured meetings across England raising support and awareness of the Kurdish cause and the efforts of the YPG. In recent weeks, her sons YPG comrades, having fought on and liberated further areas of Rojava, took a captured ‘ISIS’ flag and presented it to her as a token of their acknowledgement of her own sacrifice.

62 Year old Alan Brooke is an English historian, a former Archaeologist and a supporter of the Kurdish Struggle. This year he too took the decision to leave his native village in Yorkshire to travel and fight in defence of the Kurdish liberated areas. Making contact with comrades in the Kurdish capital of Sulaymaniyah, he was initially told he was “too old” to volunteer as a fighter. However, aware of his value in helping spread the message back home in England, he was smuggled through the Qandil mountain region. There he was introduced to the PKK leadership and shown around the guerilla camps.

Also in attendance will be members of the “Rojava Calling” group from Dublin, who have recently returned from the besieged Syrian town of Kobane.

Together, Vikki and Alan have toured around England on an independent (non-aligned) remit raising awareness of the Kurdish struggle, in this they have been joined by Long term left activist Matt Broughton who has initiated the Belfast and Derry meetings along with the IRSP.

Matt himself has been a long time friend of the Irish struggle and Republican Socialism in particular, a former member of Red Action, he took part in many political delegations to Ireland in the early 90s. In the late 90s he studied politics at Queens University and worked intensively for the rights of Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry, Portlaoise and in English gaols throughout the period.

All are welcome to attend and listen to what will be a meeting of historical significance. ‘Eyewitness from Syria’ will take place in The Belfast meeting will occur in the afternoon, Saturday 12st September in Conway Mill at 4pm.

Fundrasing event to be held in The Red Devil 8pm till late Saturday 12th September


National Hunger Strike Commemoration – Derry Sunday 24 May 2015

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Source: IRSP NEWS!

The National Hunger Strike Commemoration in Derry on 24 May, assembles at at 1.30pm at the Rosemount Factory to make it’s way to the City Cemetery to commemorate the bravery and the ultimate sacrifice made by the Irish National Liberation Army and Provisional IRA Hunger Strikers in 1981.  All are welcome to attend the National Hunger Strike Commemoration to show their respect in this, the 34th anniversary, of the 1981 H-Block Hunger Strike, for those martyrs who laid down their lives for the right to be treated as the political prisoners they were.  Their sacrifice will never be forgotten – history has vindicated the ’10’ as the bravest of the brave!

All IRSP members are expected to attend.

All supporters, families, Republicans, Socialists, Trade Unionists and all progressives are welcome to attend the National Hunger Strike Commemoration this weekend.

Dominic & Mary McGlinchey Commemoration Bellaghy 4/4/15

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mcglinchey comm



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