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Chris Hedges – Socialist, Presbyterian Minister, Anti-Imperialist & Pro Palestine Activist

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The True Face of The Sectarian Statelet

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The chances are that in a few months’ time the six county sectarian statelet will have reverted back to it’s enforced normalisation mode with Irish Republicans (aka ‘dissidents’) being daily denounced as the greatest threat to peace.  This tired, false mantra echoed by the various establishment parties and assorted Stormonteers including pro-state Republicans who once upon a time also maintained that the Northern statelet was unreformable.

However as seasoned observers of the Irish dialectic will be only too aware, the reality of the sectarian statelet is at it’s most visible during the oppressive Orange Order marching season.  Those whose critical faculties have not yet been dulled by the patronage of pro-establishment ‘community work’ or drowned in the baby milk of the conflict resolution mirage can clearly observe the supremacist monster roar and trample on anything resembling progression.  In much the same way as Loyalists were taken out of their box circa 1966 at the beginning of the recent conflict at the behest of Unionist politicians and directed by Kitsonian British security services, we see similar occurring on a micro scale in Ardoyne, Short Strand, Carrickhill and in the ‘North.

One need only watch the contrast in the accommodating treatment of Loyalist protesters by the RUC/PSNI compared to the aggressive tactics used against those from anti-establishment Irish Republican groups, to observe the bias and irreformable nature of the armed guardians of the statelet.  In recent weeks thousands of Loyalist marchers, paramilitary bands, many carrying UVF flags are escorted past the likes of Carrickhill, hurling calculated sectarian insults at a line of silent, peaceful protesters carrying placards.  However the RUC/PSNI choose to face-off the peaceful protesters, while Orange supremacists blow their bugles of hatred outside a nearby Catholic church.

An observer from Canada just couldn’t believe what he was viewing and related to the author that even in North America (which has a less than enviable record where civil rights are concerned) this would be tantamount to allowing the KKK to march through Watts on a regular basis.  Of course, we in the North are sadly only too au fait with such comparisons but the importance of such supremacism is that is only via the medias’s fickle microscope that the true DNA of the undemocratic statelet built on a sectarian headcount is ever exposed.

Unfortunately, when the ‘public band’ of supremacist Loyalism is placed back into it’s box for another year the Stromonteers, without a hint of shame, will not doubt profit from the usual series of junkets and speaking tours bizarrely attempting to export the Northern Ireland solution to other troubled lands.  Gawd help those troubled regions, as the partitoned Stormont model certainly will not…

Alex McGuigan,


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