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PSNI intrusion at Clonard Primary School ‘Offensive, Unauthorised and wrong’

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Source: IRSP NEWS!



PSNI on the offensive, at homes and schools

IRSP Lower Falls spokesperson Michael Kelly has said that the party has in recent days received numerous complaints from furious parents in the Clonard area, expressing concern at the decision of a local primary school to permit the PSNI/RUC to enter and ingratiate themselves with children during school hours. Despite children being allowed to handle dangerous equipment, (including riot gear), none of the parents concerned were consulted by the school.

This afternoon Kelly said ‘The IRSP understand and share the concern of these parents at the unauthorised exploitation of their children, which is frankly, offensive, unjustifiable and wrong, particularly given the wave of documented harassment operations which have been mounted against republican families in the streets around the school in recent times’. Accordingly we intend to seek a meeting with school authorities.


The PSNI have in recent times embarked upon a deliberate policy of stalking local school runs both in the morning and afternoon, with a view to harassing, searching, and isolating republican families from their neighbours.The homes of local children have also been stormed by heavily armed and aggressive PSNI swat teams leaving children traumatised and psychologically damaged. School authorities will be aware of these incidents as they have been well documented in the press. They should also be aware therefore that to allow the same armed thugs access to what should be a safe space for children, risks retraumatising the victims of politically motivated abuse and aggression.


The PSNI are engaged in an intense political propaganda offensive with a view to isolating the families and children of local Republican activists, this involves countering images of their armed oppression with imagery purporting to show concern for child welfare. This amounts to no less than the exploitation of local children for political ends. The IRSP opposes such despicable practices and asks the school authorities to reconsider the practice of granting such people access to children


IRSP lower falls spokesperson, Michael Kelly.


Justice For The Craigavon Two -Fight This Miscarriage of Justice

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By now the gross miscarriage of justice visited upon two men, John-Paul Wooton (who when arrested was merely 17 years of age) and Brendan McConville should be reverberating around the world.  Both were hastily arrested following the shooting of a member of the local paramilitary police force, the PSNI/RUC.  Both were held illegally over the maximum limit of time of detention for questioning that the British government supposedly legislates for.  Both men, during detention following arrest, at their trial and post-conviction, that saw them both imprisoned for life, have consistently denied any involvement in the ‘crime’ they have been accused of.  Add into the mix the significant involvement of the shady operatives of the British intelligence agencies, flawed electronic surveillance and highly dubious witnesses and we have all the ingredients of yet another ‘fitting up’ of Irish people by the British establishment seeking a hasty arrest and conviction for their satisfaction.

As we have seen in the not too distant past, the British judiciary who along with the Legislature and Executive constitute ‘Government’ in the so-called Liberal Democratic model, although supposedly independent of each other, they are very far from it, not least their use of Diplock political trials.  A casual glance at Hansard, where one can read Lord Denning’s legal opinion regarding overturning clear miscarriages of justices, in the following quote he is referring to the Birmingham Six:

“Just consider the course of events if this action is allowed to proceed to trial. If the six men fail it will mean much time and money will have been expended to no good purpose. If the six men win, it will mean that the police are guilty of perjury, that they are guilty of violence and threats, that the confessions were invented and improperly admitted in evidence and the convictions were erroneous.

“This is such an appalling vista that every sensible person in the land would say that it cannot be right that these actions should go any further.”

This attitude is still clearly prevalent within the British judiciary and structurally the British government, which in short means that it is better to have innocent people imprisoned than for the public to become aware of miscarriages of justice.  So much for Liberal-Democracy’s supposed in built ‘checks and balances!’


Justice For the Craigavon Two Website

Perhaps the best resource for learning more about the gross miscarriage of justice against young John-Paul Wooton and Brendan Mcconville is the excellent campaigning website Justice for the Craigavon Two which has excellent details regarding the entire case, the PSNI/RUC abuses, the deviant involvement of British intelligence agencies, the farce of a trial and the latest in the campaign to free these two innocent men.  I have included an article from the website in the form of a letter from The Craigavon Two, which everyone should read closely and please share this appeal from two innocent men:

We Are Innocent!

On the 30th of March 2012 we, Brendan Mc Conville and John Paul Wootton, were convicted, and sentenced to spend the rest of our lives in prison, for the fatal shooting of Constable Steven Carroll in Craigavon on the 9th of March 2010.

While We fully understanding and empathise with the grief of the Carroll family and with no desire to exacerbate that grief, we wish to take this opportunity to state publicly that we have been convicted of something that we had nothing to do with, we are innocent and we do not believe that we received a fair hearing at our trial under a diplock court.

Further to this we also believe that Justice Girvan erred in his judgement of the information presented and convicted us more on the emotional and political furore created by the case than on the evidence presented. For this reason we have instructed our legal teams to appeal our convictions.

This appeal will centre on the following pieces of evidential information that were never fully dealt with by Justice Girvan, they are;

  • The prosecutions’ key witness, witness M, despite having a prescribed impairment of his sight, claimed that he seen Brendan Mc Conville at a distance that would be medical impossible,
  • It took witness M almost a year to come forward with this information and since that date he has been given anonymity and provided for in protective custody.
  • Witness M’s eye-witness account described Brendan as wearing a coat of a different style and colour from that presented by the prosecution,
  • This coat, recovered within hours of the shooting, was dry yet the weather conditions at the time  were rainy,
  • The forensic examination of this coat and the fire-arm recovered after the shooting did not match,
  • Although multiple sources of DNA were found on the coat only Brendans’ were followed up on,
  • A tracking device that had allegedly been planted on John Paul’s car by MI5 and was used as evidence to place us at the scene of the shooting, went ‘missing’ for a period of time, only to be returned in an altered state and “with data missing”,
  • Although the assault rifle and several rounds of ammunition used in the shooting were recovered no forensic link was made with either of us.

In short a case that placed us at the scene and attributed any role to us was never made, let alone proven. Rather, because the PSNI/MI5 were under so much pressure to obtain a conviction, evidence was constructed and altered to ‘fit the case’ and not examined as pieces of information that could prove or disprove our innocence.

Hopefully this miscarriage of justice can be over turned at our appeal and this nightmare of suffering for us and our families ended. However, after the experience we have already had we do not have a great deal of confidence in the criminal justice system, hence, we are asking you, the public, to follow the course of our appeal and to see for yourself the manner in which information is dealt with and how ‘justice’ is being administered in your name. Let’s not wait 15 – 20 years to deal with a miscarriage of justice, let us do so now,


Brendan Mc Conville and John Paul Wootton.

Maghaberry Jail Co. Antrim



Please share, visit the campaign website and ask what you can do to help!  You could be next!

Alex Mcguigan





Operation Gladio in Ireland “Project Echoes”

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Operation Gladio Emblem

For those not familiar with Collusion and State sponsored murders in Ireland, Project Echoes was an alleged Operation Gladio linked secret joint venture involving Apartheid South Africa’s notorious Vlakplaas unit, Civil Co-operation Bureau (C.C.B), the RUC Special Branch, Armscor, Loyalist paramilitaries and members of the British security services. Some of the key players will be fairly well known, for instance Brian Nelson, British military intelligence’s Force Research Unit’s top agent and UDA chief intelligence officer. Project Echoes was just one of a series of Gladio-related operations in Ireland.

Other Project Echoes’ players from the South African Apartheid regime, such as ex-pat Loyalist, Charlie Simpson, Leon Flores, Eugene De Kock and Pamela Du Randt, will not be household names but they were key players in a murky world of collusion, torture, murder and international intrigue.  Former Tory MP, for Basingstoke, turned Paisleyite Democratic Unionist Party member, Andrew Hunter, who had long been in the pay of British intelligence, also figures prominently in the Project Echoes story.

An important part of the Project Echoes story, are the joint operations that resulted in the murders, or attempted murders, of exiled opponents of the Apartheid regime.  Arguably at the top of their hit-list was Dick Coetzee, a former hit-man for the Vlakplass unit, who ‘defected’ to the ANC in the late 1980s. Although, it should be stressed that Coetzee’s defection was more for self-preservation reasons, than any ideological conversion to anti-racism or multi-culturalism!


Dulcie September, ANC Paris rep murdered by ‘Project Echoes’ operatives

Dirk Coetzee survived several assassination attempts, including one very near miss in London by a joint RUC/Loyalist paramilitary hit squad. Many others were not so lucky, including the ANC’s representative in France, Dulcie September, who was murdered by a similar squad in March 1988. A South African born academic, Adrian Guelke, who was a lecturer at Queens University, Belfast, was shot and badly injured by a pro-British loyalist hit-squad, in September 1991.  The unsuccessful murder bid occurred at his Fitzwilliam Street home, just off the Lisburn Road, in South Belfast. This attempted murder was a payment in kind to the Apartheid intelligence services by Loyalist paramilitaries based in Belfast and Mid-Ulster.

Another Irish academic, this time at the Coleraine campus of the University of Ulster, was also targeted several times by Loyalist paramilitaries at the behest of the Apartheid state. British military intelligence spooks linked to Project Echoes planted false stories in the media, wrongly linking the unfortunate lecturer to armed Republican groups in an attempt to primarily sabotage his career. Their other intention was to further raise his profile as a prospective target for assassination by pro-British Loyalist death squads.


Paul Larkin in an expose on ‘Collusion’ and State sponsored murder in Ireland, has a chapter on the subject of Project Echoes in his book, A Very British Jihad. The Pat Finucane Centre and the Troops Out Movement also have some material on Project Echoes, which was available on their respective websites.

A name that constantly crops in all areas of this phase of the British Collusion project with Loyalist paramilitary terrorists is Irish born ex-pat, Charlie Simpson. Simpson, was a Loyalist paramilitary and British intelligence asset who served with units of the then Rhodesian Special Forces and later in Apartheid South Africa’s dirty world of state sponsored murder. In many respects, Simpson seems to have been the link man during key stages of Project Echoes, having accumulated years of specialist military training and indoctrination into the far-Right values of the various organs of the Apartheid state.

At some stage, hopefully, there will be a more in depth, comprehensive insight published into the foul and murky world of British state collusion with Loyalist paramilitaries and the murders of Irish citizens, often at the behest of foreign intelligence agencies. These brutal sectarian murders often occurred at the behest of reactionary, true Rogue States, such as Apartheid South Africa and Israel or as payment in kind for receiving military ordinance or training.

Paul Larkin’s book mentions assassination attempts on Apartheid South African dissidents and even London Mayoral candidate, Ken Livingstone, by joint RUC/UVF death-squads exported to London and guaranteed safe passage back to the North of Ireland. These contract murder attempts, at the behest of Apartheid South Africa, involved the late Loyalist Godfather and British security service asset, Billy King Rat Wright and Mid-Ulster RUC Special Branch members. The attempted hit on Ken Livingstone, was planned to take place as he made his way to work on the tube, to the then Greater London Council’s Headquarters.

Project Echoes remains an element of state-sponsored collusion that has largely escaped the glare of publicity and for many in this supposed era of so-called ‘new dispensation’, it will be an inconvenient truth.  Mid-Ulster, since the first years of the post-1969 period of conflict referred to as The Troubles, has always been at the heart of collusion between British state agencies and Loyalist paramilitaries. In many ways, that particular area of the north of Ireland, with it’s blurred lines between policing, British military intelligence and Loyalism, functioned as an open air, counter-insurgency laboratory.  It can therefore be no surprise, that some of the North’s most prolific and most protected Loyalist serial murderers originated in Mid-Ulster, for instance, Robin the Jackal Jackson and Billy King Rat Wright. The details of Project Echoes may never be fully exposed and like all dirty state secrets concerning British collusion in Ireland, the British government although clearly culpable, will censor, obstruct and frustrate those who seek the truth.

(I originally published a shorter version of this article in 2010 under the pseudonym ‘Iskra’ which was later shared by the Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain/Marxist Leninist’s website)

Alex McGuigan

dirty wars




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ruc psni irsp

The targeted stop and searching of a West Belfast IRSP activist at the hands of the British police yesterday, raises questions as to the existence of a team within the PSNI detailed specifically with following and harassing activists of the Republican Socialist Movement.

Late last year the Matt McLarnon Cumann reported on how its members while painting an anti-political policing mural on the Falls Road, were set upon by a number of men with English accents dressed in PSNI uniforms who disembarked from a jeep in military style formation before confronting our activists in an overtly aggressive fashion, beyond that of even usual home grown peelers.

On that night, the individuals with English accents appeared to direct local PSNI officers on how and when to search the IRSP members.
Yesterday evening, a member of the Matt McLarnon Cumann who was confronted by Brits that night at the mural site was followed while driving in the Clonard area before pulling over after being signalled to stop by the Jeep.

Once again men with English accents disembarked in a military like fashion surrounding the car at gun point, and once again on being joined by local PSNI officers, the Brits barked orders to local cops as regards how and when the activist (and his vehicle) was to be searched.

The local PSNI officers complied accordingly with their colonial bosses and conducted a prolonged and thorough search, including of children’s school bags which were in the car.

Notably one of the Brits appeared to have detailed knowledge of the member’s car, being able to shout to a local PSNI officer the location of a difficult to find switch which unlocked the boot of the car.

At no time during the search was the member even asked his name, suggesting that the Brits clearly in charge of the PSNI unit had prior knowledge of his personal information.

The nature of this search suggests to the IRSP that a British led unit of the PSNI has been tasked specifically with the following, harassing and searching of our activists.

Let us remind these people that our movement is one which has long endured harassment and worse at the hands of shadowy British military groupings. There is no more a chance of our members bowing to your harassment today than at any time in our past.

‘The IRSP never asked for any quarter during the armed conflict, as we afforded none, and that position remains the same. We caution those who would seek to suppress us or the Irish working class. Beware the thing that is risen.’

Source: Vol.Matt McLarnon IRSP Cumann, L/Falls, Belfast

matt NcLarnon Cumann logo


Editors note:  If any IRSP members, supporters or family members are approached by these faceless spooks please report it to your local area’s IRSP cumann, a known IRSP rep or go to Costello House, to ensure their sinister activities are known.  These undercover forces of British imperialism are active in all Republican areas and they certainly have not gone away! (Alex McGuigan)

Convicted Paedophile Vincent McKenna aka ‘Irish Observer’

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(This article first appeared on Hubpages written by Alex McGuigan using the pseudonym “Jack White”)


Internet users with an interest in Irish politics and history may have come across the bombastic, self-indulgent yarns by a blogger styling themselves ‘Irish Observer’  invariably posing as a supposedly ‘reformed’ former member of the Provisional IRA. In fact, by ‘Irish Observer’s own admission, he is none other than convicted paedophile, Vincent McKenna, who was jailed by Cavan Circuit Court, Ireland for 6 years on 31 counts of sexually abusing his daughter, Sorcha, over a 12 year period, in 2000!



McKenna’s years of sexually abusing his daughter were described by Irish judge, Justice Geoghegan, as‘particularly depraved.’  For years previously, McKenna had masqueraded as a ‘reformed-terrorist’ and paramilitary victims campaigner, when in reality the real victim, of course, was his daughter who suffered horrific protracted sexual abuse at his hands. On release from prison, McKenna reinvented himself as a writer and blogger using the pseudonym ‘Irish Observer’ and continued the fiction of being a self-proclaimed, so-called ‘reformed terrorist.’



Vincent McKenna Walter Mitty

Reformed IRA member Vincent McKenna, Falls road, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


McKenna first surfaced in the Six Counties at Queens University Belfast in the mid-1990′s, where he flirted with campus politics and tried unsuccessfully to enter the fairly security-conscious sphere of Irish Republican support-groups on campus. His wild, Walter Mitty-type claims of previous involvement with the Provisional IRA were quickly exposed as fantasy, at best, and most probably a sinister attempt to infiltrate anti-imperialist groups as an agent provocateur. Always a keen manipulator, as all paedophiles and self-promoters are, McKenna produced a badly written ‘book’ making unlikely claims regarding his ‘secret’ past as a former-Irish Republican activist. True to form, he claimed to be, not just a rank and file member, but a senior secret ‘operator’ within the Provisional IRA’s intelligence department. So ‘very secret’ in fact, that no-one had actually heard of him and no-one has EVER confirmed those fantastic claims of McKenna’s alleged involvement with the Provisional IRA!



McKenna’s book was a classic example of a ‘vanity publishing’ potboiler and infinitely forgettable. McKenna would have been seen regularly in Queens University central quad during Spring term engaging his younger peers with tales of insincere remorse over his self-proclaimed ‘IRA past’ while we now know and it is backed-up by court transcripts, that his true ‘past’ was abusing a little girl, his own daughter!



Pro-British Collaborator



Having been exposed as a fraud within the Queens University Republican community and in light of the nascent ceasefires in Ireland, McKenna re-invented himself as a ‘peace campaigner’ and ‘born-again-Christian‘ just when a veritable Irish ‘peace industry’ was beginning to attract serious statutory and international funding. It has to be said that as a manipulator, McKenna was highly successful, to the extent that he had persuaded the Dean of the Politics department at Queens University, Professor Bob Eccleshall, to endorse and allegedly find funding for his faux-autobiographical book. In fact, during McKenna’s ill-judged foray into electoral politics in Belfast, when he unsuccessfully stood as a ‘community’ anti-Republican candidate’ in the upper Ormeau Road area, he received less than 10 votes! McKenna had even persuaded Professor Eccleshall, the ideological liberal, to act as his Election Agent and this will be confirmed by a casual inspection of local government election records. (It must be stressed that Professor Eccleshall acted in good faith regarding his then student and quickly disassociated himself from McKenna, possibly when it became apparent that he was nothing but a fraud and shameless self-publicist.)






Having been embarrassingly trounced in his attempt to re-invent himself as a politician, McKenna then attached himself to the anti-punishment shooting lobby which at that time was being nurtured by the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) as an anti-Republican bulwark against the post-ceasefire rise in electoral support for Provisional Sinn Fein. A pressure group called ‘Families Against Intimidation and Terror‘ (FAIT) was formed with generous cash grants from the NIO. FAIT was originally fronted-up by the highly dubious, Nancy Gracey, the lumpen proletarian matriarch of a petty-crime family from county Down (whose members had fallen foul of the Provisionals punishment squads due to their involvement in anti-community crime) and also prominent north Belfast ‘slum landlord’ Sam Cushnahan, brother of Alliance Party elected representative, John Cushnahan.



Always the self-publicist, McKenna would have been seen in the media regularly shedding the proverbial crocodile tears for victims of Loyalist, but mostly Republican punishment shootings and invariably acting as a professional anti-Sinn Fein mouthpiece. It is a matter of record that while he very publicly condemned the PIRA and INLA, at the behest of his British paymasters, McKenna the self-proclaimed ‘human-rights campaigner’ had himself been subjecting his daughter to the most terrible type of human rights abuse imaginable.



McKenna eventually was expelled from FAIT after it was discovered that‘someone’ had been accessing child porn on the office computer. Why he was never subject to prosecution is a major question that McKenna and indeed the then RUC have never answered? It is thought that his crimes were covered-up, as hawkish securicrat elements within the NIO were then happy to use McKenna as an anti-PIRA, faux-victims campaigner. It has also been alleged in the media that McKenna was in the pay of one of the British intelligence agencies, as he would have had access to low-level intelligence on ‘paramilitary’ personnel gleaned from Loyalist and Republican punishment attack victims. In the late 1990′s McKenna would have been a familiar figure in the local media staging anti-Republican press conferences, ostensibly condemning ‘punishment beatings’ though in reality, self-promotion was his real motive. The now discredited and defunct FAIT’s former director and McKenna’s former colleague, Sam Cushnahan, stated:



“McKenna had only become active in its work, against paramilitary punishment beatings, in preparation for the day he knew would arrive when he would come before a court charged with sex abuse”



Shameless Self-Publicist



Following his expulsion from FAIT, after the discovery of child porn on the office computer, McKenna formed his own largely fictional ‘paramilitary victims’ support group, with the grandiose title of the “Northern Ireland Human Rights Bureau” predictably enough, with himself as director and chief spokesperson. True to form, McKenna raised his public profile, as self-proclaimed victim and faux-human rights campaigner, by reportedly staging Republican attacks on his own home! It has been alleged that a remorseful Loyalist paramilitary who approached McKenna for help in escaping the clutches of his organisation, handed the former-FAIT figure pipe-bombs he had been keeping on the understanding that the faux-human rights campaigner would turn them over to the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) for disposal. Meanwhile, McKenna arranged for the former-Loyalist paramilitary, through his RUC contacts, to receive help moving to England. It is further alleged that far from handing the pipe-bombs over to the police, McKenna used them to create a staged attack on his Haypark Avenue, Ormeau Road, home in South Belfast which he predictably publicly blamed on the Provisional IRA. This staged attack boosted his public profile and allowed him to apply for official protection, such as the installation of bullet-proof windows and doors at his home, all at the tax payers’ expense. A short time later McKenna came off second best in a scuffle with a Provisional Sinn Fein election worker he had verbally abused while crossing the Ormeau bridge. In true Walter Mitty and by now routine form, the convicted paedophile called a very fishy press conference alleging that he had been the victim of a PIRA punishment attack! Beatrix Campbell, writing in The Independent, on 26th September, 1999, after one of McKenna’s self-publicity stunts, where he staged an ‘IRA attack’ on his home prophetically stated:



“According to the RUC it was an “an elaborate hoax”. There may be those who wonder whether this is also a description of the man himself.”



The Mask Slips!



The general public in the north of Ireland were beginning ‘to catch on’ to McKenna’s shameless, self-promotional stunts and a local contemporary joke was that you merely had to sneeze in the faux-human rights campaigner’s presence for him to call another of his press conferences accusing Republicans of attacking him! By this stage in the late 1990′s, the local media itself in Belfast were beginning to catch on to McKenna’s numerous self-promotional stunts, reportedly after some of his former secret-police associates leaked details of his paedophile deviant behaviour. It did not stop McKenna being feted by the most reactionary elements within Ulster Unionism and at one time he appeared on stage in the Ulster Hall with the late, former ‘shoot to kill’ Chief Constable, John Hermon, during a “Save The RUC” rally. However, McKenna’s double life as a faux-victims campaigner, serial self-publicist and anti-Republican, while in reality he was a vicious, long-term child sex abuser, was about to be exposed!



McKenna Convicted Of 31 Counts of Child Abuse!



The ‘headlines’ that Vincent McKenna was facing child abuse charges in Monaghan first appeared in overnight graffiti on the perimeter wall of H&J Martin’s Ltd’s premises on the Ormeau Road, Belfast, in 1999. Despite an early morning attempt by McKenna, accompanied by a heavily armed RUC escort, to paint over the crudely written graffiti, the shameless self-publicist was about to make the media headlines he had always craved, but this time, it was not to be on his own terms..



As far back as July, 1998, a court in county Monaghan had banned McKenna from contacting his children following complaints by their mother, yet in 1999, he applied to the same court to gain access to them. McKenna was instantly arrested by Gardai (southern Irish police) and the sordid reasons behind his prohibition from contacting his children slowly trickled north to members of the Fourth Estate in Belfast.



Even when it became widely known in the media that McKenna was facing serious child abuse charges south of the ‘border’, he still blatantly attempted to weather the storm and bluff his way out. Incredibly, he lied that he had even been charged or ever questioned by the Gardai in relation to the counts of child abuse he was subsequently convicted of and predictably enough, blamed the Provisional IRA:



“It is a foul lie and slander that I have been interviewed by the gardai regarding sexual abuse allegations. It is Provo propaganda”, he said. “I will not be charged with anything by the Monaghan gardai.” (Vincent McKenna, 1999)




It is a matter of public record that Vincent McKenna, aka Irish Observer, then aged 39, was convicted at Cavan Circuit Court in November 2000, of 31 counts of sexually abusing his daughter. The abuse by McKenna began when his victim, his own daughter, was only four and the details of the abuse were some of the most unspeakable acts to ever come before an Irish court. McKenna’s daughter,Sorcha, took the unusual step in such cases of waiving her right to anonymity to personally expose the faux-human rights campaigner as the convicted paedophile he now is. Originally McKenna was jailed for only 3 years but this was viewed as unduly lenient by the Irish DPP, given the scale of the sexual abuse he subjected his daughter to and it was later increased to 6 years imprisonment on appeal. (This can be verified by official court documents and contemporary media reports.) Mckenna’s daughter shortly after his conviction stated:



“I can never put it behind me but it’s good that people now realise what he has done.”(Sorcha Mckenna, 2000)





McKenna Refuses Treatment To Curb His Paedophile Behaviour



The Irish police stated of convicted paedophile, Vincent McKenna (Irish Observer) that he had callously forced his daughter, Sorcha, to relive the horrors of 12 years of sexual abuse in the witness box, by choosing to plead not guilty. The convicted paedophile and serial self-publicist, McKenna, made national media headlines but this time it was unlikely that he welcomed them, as the BBC stated:



“Vincent McKenna, 37, from Haypark Avenue in Belfast was found guilty earlier this month of 31 charges of sexual abuse against his daughter, Sorcha.” (BBC)



To add insult to injury McKenna consistently refused treatment from the Probation service in Wheatfield Prison, Ireland, to curb his chances of re-offending on release



Irish Observer/Vincent McKenna


While in in Wheatfield prison, McKenna the convicted paedophile, continued writing and bizarrely won a prize for poetry during a literary competition for prisoners. While still a prisoner, McKenna had boasted to fellow inmates of his new future as a writer and he had unsuccessfully written to various media agencies seeking employment on release.



Following his release, McKenna began writing on free blogging websites, often using the nom-de-plume ‘Irish Observer’ and gradually began peddling his old book filled with the same old discredited claims of involvement in the upper echelons of the Provisional IRA’s intelligence department. At first, McKenna targeted North American websites, posing as a ‘reformed terrorist’ in the full knowledge that it was unlikely that his paedophile antecedents would be exposed. More discerning Irish readers with local knowledge would have twigged straight away that Irish Observer aka Vincent McKenna’s bizarre tale of being a ‘converted-terrorist’ had absolutely no basis in fact and was at best the work of a Walter Mitty type crank. The closest McKenna ever came to a ‘politically motivated’ actions was ironically a ‘conviction’ for arson involving a Protestant owned building. It is a matter of record that not one person has ever confirmed McKenna’s self-proclaimed role as a member of the Provisional IRA and despite producing highly dubious computer-generated ‘letters’ from highly unlikely sources such as Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams, he is universally regarded as a fraud and a crank.



What Next For Vincent McKenna/Irish Observer?



The Vincent McKenna/Irish Observer linkage was first discovered by a Belfast Republican Socialist who had been a mature student at around the time McKenna had been attempting to infiltrate Queens University Republican circles and had instantly recognised the old fraudulent claims contained in the convicted paedophiles discredited pot-boiler he was now publishing on the Hubpages blogging website. Needless to say, at first ‘Irish Observer’ denied being Vincent McKenna the convicted paedophile and disgraced Walter Mitty, just as in 1999 he had denied facing charges of child abuse. However, in more recent times McKenna/Irish Observer has openly admitted that he is indeed the convicted Irish paedophile and has been openly writing as ‘Vincent McKenna’ in the first person on his Irish Observer and other blogs.



Self-Styled Criminologist


Vincent McKenna, now in his mid-50′s, the convicted child sex abuser, serial self-publicist, faux-human rights campaigner and fantasist can be tracked on-line mainly by his not so secret pseudonym ‘Irish Observer’ (he also uses typically grandiose blogging titles like ‘Monaghan News’ and ‘National Union of Bloggers’). It is clear that on various forums attached to blogging sites like Hubpages, Helium etc he has continued with his deviant and defamatory behaviour patterns. Ever the misogynist, he has created numerous blogs spewing bile at a respected female journalist and author, Susan McKay, who recently wrote about his antecedents in the print media.  McKenna can still be found online serializing his Walter Mitty tales of imagined Irish Republican military involvement (which have all the lack of credibility of the very worst nadir of  Troubles Fiction).  Vincent McKenna, the convicted paedophile and former pro-Imperialist agent is now incredibly posing as a self-styled “Expert” on sex-crimes!  McKenna is currently touting supposed interviews with sex-offenders on the Internet, that in reality can only have been conducted by the so-called ‘Irish Observer’ looking into a mirror!






Like all paedophiles, Vincent McKenna is highly manipulative and it is well documented that a sexual deviant’s on-line persona will invariably appear very plausible. It is well documented that a paedophile will invariably indulge in long-term, complex planning to gain access to gain access to their next child victim over a protracted period of time. It is also well documented that paedophiles, like McKenna aka ‘Irish Observer’ will befriend fellow bloggers with the express, though highly covert, long-term goal of gaining access to their children. It goes without saying that McKenna, who very publicly maintained the fiction for many years of being a former-Provisional IRA activist; staged bomb attacks on his home; manipulated the media and secretly sexually abused his own daughter, will have no problem maintaining a highly plausible ‘on-line persona’ on certain websites, with the cloak of anonymity the Internet instantly gives him.  However, it is almost certain that he will offend again given his recidivist history.



One Of Ireland’s 12 Most Dangerous Sexual Predators!



McKenna aka Irish Observer is now on the sex offenders register in the south of Ireland but due to the de jure partition of Ireland and Mckenna living so close to the ‘border’ he would not be monitored officially if travelling in the north of Ireland. The Sunday People newspaper named McKenna aka ‘Irish Observer’ as one of ‘Ireland’s Dirty Dozen’, placing him among the 12 most dangerous Irish sexual predators. Anyone who has accessed court records of the child abuse charges McKenna was convicted of will have no doubt that, on this occasion, the Sunday People newspaper got it right, as the catalogue of depraved acts he committed against a defenceless child are of the most despicable acts imaginable.



The next time you read ‘Irish Observer’s discredited yarns of supposed involvement in “terrorism” and waxing lyrical on ‘human rights’ perhaps readers will spare a thought for his daughter, Sorcha, his victim and ask what consideration did he give to her‘human right’ to grow up as a child in safety? Ironically, for a ‘writer’ who has attempted to condemn others for sexual abuse, McKenna, is one of Ireland’s most dangerous paedophiles! He may well resort to his previous modus operandi of bluff, bluster and denial, he may even vainly threaten litigation yet again. Thankfully, this time the Irish public will not be so easily deceived by this dubious character’s self-promotional stunts and if this article saves even one child from becoming McKenna’s next victim, then it will be entirely worthwhile..

Shoot to Kill: RUC Death-squads & The Stalker Inquiry Full Length Video

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Directed by award winning film maker, Peter Kosminsky, this drama-documentary goes some way to lifting the lid, specifically on the murders of 6 unarmed Republican suspects & Catholics in North Armagh within the period of a month between November-December 1982 by an RUC Special Branch-tasked HMSU death-squad, known as E4a. ‘Shoot to Kill’ also examines how the inquiry by Manchester DCC John Stalker into the series of state-sanctioned executions was constantly obstructed and finally sabotaged by the the RUC’s Chief Constable, RUC Special Branch and other British intelligence agencies who wielded considerable influence within the Thatcher Government’s Cabinet to smear John Stalker, removing him from the inquiry on spurious grounds. The Inquiry has never been published, lending credence to Stalker’s comment that they were a force out of control who acted akin to South American Right-wing death-squads who murdered suspected political opponents and civilians with impunity.



Mairtin Mcallister


The RUC’s Forced Confessions in Ireland

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Video Source: The Guardian

An RUC interrogator speaks: Northern Ireland’s forced confessions revealed

“Hundreds of men and women found guilty of terrorism during the Troubles in Northern Ireland are planning to appeal. Most of them were convicted on the basis of confessions they say were beaten out of them by police. A Guardian investigation has uncovered evidence from former police interrogators that the brutality was routine and sanctioned at a very high level.”

Different name, same aim!

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