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IRSP Press Release Exposes MI5/PSNI Smear Campaign!

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Irish Republican Socialist Party
Costello House
392b Falls Road
BT12 6DH

Date: 22/02/2017
=========PRESS RELEASE==========

The Irish Republican Socialist Party releases this statement to refute allegations made in the media beginning yesterday (21/02/2017) following the alleged discovery of explosives and ammunitions in the Conway Street area of the Falls Road.

This incident is not related to the Irish National Liberation Army. We state this standing firmly on the basis of the Republican Socialist Movement’s statement released in Bray in 2009 which stated the following;

“The RSM has been informed by the INLA that following a process of serious debate, consultation and analysis, it has concluded that the armed struggle is over and the objective of a 32 County Socialist Republic will be best achieved through exclusively peaceful political struggle.”

The Irish Republican Socialist Party stands by the above quote and has not been informed of any change in position from the Irish National Liberation Army.

Sinister media speculation of internal conflict within the Republican Socialist Movement is of no substance and is a dangerous but futile attempt to create the perception that we are divided.

The Republican Socialist Movement is united on a political path in pursuit of our objectives.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party is entirely satisfied that there is no conflict within the INLA. The state arms of the press and the security forces are collaborating to advance a politically motivated campaign against the Republican Socialist Movement.

This has manifested itself in Arrests, Violent House Raids, the targeting of IRSP members for harassment and character assassinations via numerous newspaper outlets. The events of the past number of days are nothing other than a continuation of this campaign.


The Plough and The Stars Editorial Comment

The IRSP’s press release reproduced above in a measured, concise manner pours cold water on the recent inflamatory scaremongering ‘story’ emanating from the MI5 controlled PSNI Media Department that mainstream news sources replicated almost verbatim without the least attempt at any serious analysis.  Perhaps the only truth contained in the MI5/PSNI’s latest sponsored narrative is the admission that they have been engaged in a very specific targeted campaign of vilification and harassment of Irish Republican Socialists.  There will be little doubt that the PSNI’s campaign of harassment will continue however it would be folly to believe that it will dent the resolve of the IRSP to challenge injustice, imperialism and current attempts to marginalise the Irish working class.

State Repression Intensifies Against Irish Republican Socialists

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Despite what the Establishment Parties in Ireland would have you believe, political policing has never ceased and has recently been on the rise in both the
occupied six counties and the Free State. The suppression of alternative political beliefs and views has been at the top of the agenda of both the PSNI and An Garda Siochana, at a time when the
never ending and ever increasing flaws of both puppet governments’ on this island has been all too clear for the people of Ireland to see.

In the Free State, where resistance to the anti working class decision of charging people for the use of water, has become stronger and stronger, activists
have been trailed from their homes by the Gardai, brought to court and handed large fines and at times, prison sentences. Solely due to protesting against
the decision of the capitalist Free State Administration to bleed more money out of ordinary people who simply have no more money to give.


In the North, the persecution and harassment of anti Good Friday Agreement Republicans has become a daily occurrence. At a time when Stormont flounders from
one petty sectarian argument to the next, and with politicians who serve no-one only their massive ego’s and wallets, the armed wing of the British State in
Ireland (PSNI) and their masters in Mi5, have been to the fore in trying to intimidate Republican activist’s and their families. Dozens of Republican
Socialist Activists homes have been torn apart in the last 2 months. Many stop and searches and Mi5 approaches have been conducted against members of the
IRSP and other Republican groups.


The Establishment Parties at Stormont and Leinster House have remained tight lipped and silent on these serious issues, sadly including many ‘Republicans’ who
were once subjected to the same harassment for their beliefs.

Their silence is deafening!


By Michael Kelly, West Belfast IRSP

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